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Termination Pills in Bloubosrand

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Healthcare, at connect women’s health clinic, we believe women should have access to quality, patient-centered care that responds to your unique needs.

Our staff of experienced professionals are committed to providing you with the compassionate and

excellent care you deserve. We aspire to achieve an international reputation for providing excellence in

clinical care and work closely with other clinical departments to provide integrated, state-of-the-art

healthcare for all women who come to connect Termination Pills.

Connect women’s clinic does not treat COVID-19 patients and we have several protocols in place to keep

our patients, their families, and staff safe during this time. Please for information call or WhatsApp us to

speak to one of our female assistants to help you for service updates.

Medical Abortion Pills

In the event of a pregnancy termination emergency, connect Termination Pills team is ready

to provide immediate critical care services to protect all women. Patients will be sent to the Obstetric

Triage or Women’s Urgent Care center based on the stage of their pregnancy.

Termination Pills in Bloubosrand| Abortion Clinic

Patients coming to the connect women health clinic Urgent Care and Obstetrics Triage Centre will be

charged depending on the duration of pregnancy.

For women’s services only, patients can contact our Termination Pills in Bloubosrand in Urgent Care and Obstetrics Triage

Centre, to answer any questions regarding care and payment options.

We welcome you to contact us today so that you can get the best treatment across south Africa, stop

stressing yourself the time is now for you to contact us so that we can help you.

Contact women’s clinic that care for all groups of people without discriminating anyone.

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