Private Abortion Clinic Centurion

Private Abortion Clinic Centurion

Private Abortion Clinic Centurion, Abortion Clinic near, Abortion Pills, Medical Abortion Clinic, Private

termination Clinic, Surgical Clinic. Our clinic is a legalized Women Abortion with an experience of over 10

years Specializing in Medical Abortion which is a safe and Medically approved way to end or terminate a

pregnancy using Abortion Pills and has a wide range of Services and a team of well trained staff that will

help you make a proper decision to meet your task great or small. Our Safe abortion Clinics are well

equipped with primary health care facilities hence creating a private environment because we believe that

Our Abortion Prices / Costs are reasonable that even Students can afford them.

Medical women’s clinic offer legal Abortion services. It’s your body, your choice.

Private Abortion Clinic Centurion

What Will Happen During the Abortion Process:
The tablets we give you are for orally use. These tablets block the action of the hormone progesterone on

the uterus. This stops the growth of the pregnancy and causes the lining of the uterus to shed. This medicine causes the

uterus to contract and also causes bleeding and cramping. This medication is normally administered

using a tampon and if you are comfortable using tampons you can insert this medication yourself.
Most women go home straight away with advice on what to do after

the misoprostol is placed in the vagina. Most abortions will happen within 2-4 hours.

The medicines are very effective and 99% of the time you go through with the pregnancy termination or abortion immediately.

You may experience the following: nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. This is normal during the abortion / pregnancy termination process.

Most women will have the abortion within 1-3hours of using the pills but for some women take a little bit longer.
Our Personal Guaranteed With No Risk! Immediately come for help – Avoid wasting time the biological clock is not on your side!

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