Medical abortion clinic Zarqa Irbid

Medical abortion clinic Zarqa Irbid

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Safe Abortion procedures – Medical abortion clinic Zarqa Irbid

Summary of abortion procedures;

TOP up to 16 weeks of pregnancy can be provided without questions. But if one is over 16 weeks

pregnant a different set of rules then apply. Termination of pregnancies over 20 weeks can only be

performed if approved by a medical practitioner under the following conditions; That the pregnancy may

cause severe physical or mental abnormalities to the mother should the pregnancy not be terminated.

The pregnancy is a result of incest or rape. The pregnancy may have severe economic or social impact on

the mother especially without appropriate social and financial support. Medical abortion clinic Zarqa Irbid.

 Medical abortion

This is a simple abortion procedure that is affected by taking abortion pills. We emphasize that pills

should be used right here at the clinic and if possible one should wait for some time to make sure that

the process has been successful before even leaving our clinic. However should one prefer to take the

pills and use them at one’s convenient place and time, we will give out abortion pills with instructions on

how to use them and fully explain what to expect after. It is a relatively simple abortion procedure that

takes less than an hour. It is performed any time in the first trimester. You may experience nausea,

vomiting severe cramping and virginal bleeding before the fetus is out much like a miscarriage. A follow

up visit in 1 to 2 weeks is important for checkups and womb cleaning. You will be fine in a week or two.

You will be able to get pregnant again whenever you want.

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