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Cytotec pills for sale Hawalli

Cytotec pills for sale Hawalli, Women’s Clinic is a legalized Abortion Clinic in offering ultimate Services in abortion with an experience

of 8 years. Our abortion centers are equipped with primary facilities hence creating a private environment

with privacy, efficiency and discretion. You will be the only patient in the clinic. Our staff includes a

gynecologists’, registered nurse, and a counsellor at your care. Our Abortion Prices are affordable to all

South Africans, hence preventing Unwanted Pregnancies. due to work related issues at no cost. Medical Abortions.

Cytotec pills for sale Hawalli

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If you’re sexually active, it’s possible to become pregnant even if you’re using contraception though not

common. If you have been sexually active and are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to

buy a home pregnant test to confirm. Below are some common pregnancy symptoms, please be aware

that there are other medical conditions that can cause these same symptoms.

A medical or non-surgical abortion uses the “Abortion Pill” or other types of chemicals to terminate an

early pregnancy. This method of abortion is used up to 70 days after a woman’s last menstrual period. If

you are further along in your pregnancy, a medical abortion may be ineffective. Getting a medical

abortion may involve up to 2 office visits and may require a surgical procedure if the medical abortion is incomplete.

MEDICAL ABORTION – NON-SURGICAL ABORTION – Cytotec pills for sale Hawalli

medical abortion uses medication to end a pregnancy. The treatment involves taking a type of pill

called misoprostol commonly known as Cytotec. It is the safest treatment from 6 days to 12 weeks of pregnancy for most people.

Clients between 12 – 24 weeks of pregnancy need to use two types of Pills known as Mifepristone and

Misoprostol; if this applies to you, the nurse will discuss this with you during the appointment.

Taking the first tablet

The first medication that is taken, called mifepristone, blocks the hormone needed for pregnancy to grow.

You will receive a package containing your abortion tablets. It is important to have 24-48h between the first and second tablets. Take your first tablet (mifepristone) when you receive the package.

Taking the second tablet

A second medication is called misoprostol, which causes the body to expel the pregnancy from the

womb. Misoprostol causes the softening and opening of the cervix (neck of the womb) and contractions

of the womb, so that the pregnancy can pass through and be aborted. We recommend taking some pain

relief tablets 10 minutes before taking misoprostol. You can take misoprostol between 24-48 hours after you have taken the first tablet (mifepristone).

Smiling medical doctors with stethoscopes. We Offer In-Clinic Abortion Services using vacuum aspiration. This is the most common method of abortion available today.

This minimally invasive procedure involves the gradual widening of the cervix followed by the insertion of

a thin flexible tube attached to a suction device, which gently removes the uterine contents.

What to expect during the procedure

All abortion procedures are performed on an ambulatory basis with the pre-abortion work-up and

procedure all performed on the same day. This method of pregnancy Termination have 98% success rate

recorded for a Period of 10 years. The procedure itself usually takes 40 to 60 minutes to complete. After

the surgical procedure is completed, patients will rest and be monitored by trained staff members in a

recovery room, once we confirm that you are recovering well then you can be Discharged. We offer you antibiotics to avoid after abortion Infections. Cytotec pills for sale Hawalli.

Abortion Using Misoprostol Pills (CYTOTEC): A Guide for All Pregnant People Seeking to Self-Manage Their Abortion

Worldwide, millions of pregnant people have safely ended their pregnancies using misoprostol.

Misoprostol (CYTOTEC) is a safe method for people seeking to end their pregnancy. The medication

softens and dilates the cervix, causes uterine contractions, and pushes pregnancy tissue out. Misoprostol’s

multidimensional use in medicine makes it more accessible when compared to other abortion pills, like

mifepristone. Misoprostol is 95% successful in inducing abortion in the first trimester, when used as recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion

Will I have a male or female doctor?

We have both male and female doctors on staff. You get to choose the gender of the Physician to attend to you.

If you have a tubal Pregnancy, we ask that you seek immediate care from a hospital. or ectopic

Can I eat before the procedure? Cytotec pills for sale Hawalli

Yes! However, we do ask that you avoid cold or sweet eats and drinks during the Process of Abortion.

When can I have sex again?

We recommend that you wait at least 2 – 3 weeks, this is important to prevent infection as well as another pregnancy.

Which abortion procedure is the safest?

Medical abortion is safe from a period of 1 – 20 weeks.

Surgical abortion is safe from 4 – 24 weeks of Pregnancy. Both procedures are extremely safe.  It is a personal choice to decide which option.

After taking the abortion pill, how long will I bleed?

Most patients experience bleeding like a heavy menstrual cycle for 1 – 3 days after taking the pill. However, it is common to spot irregularly for up to 9 – 15 days.

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