Legit termination clinic Strydompark

Abortion Clinic Germiston

Abortion Clinic Germiston

Abortion Clinic Germiston, Abortion Clinic near me, safe abortion pills for sale, Legal abortion clinic, Abortion Pills, Medical Abortion Clinic, Private Abortion Clinic Terminate a pregnancy using Medication or Surgical Abortions at our private abortion clinic at our Abortions Clinic in South Africa.

Are you considering an abortion? Get in touch with our medical team for pre-abortion counselling to help you understand your options

We provide confidential abortion services because we understand the need for confidentiality and have a

legal duty to protect your privacy.

Abortion Clinic Germiston

Our Abortions Clinic adheres to professional medical procedures and provide reliable after care services for all our clients.

Our private abortion clinic offers early pregnancy termination pills, late trimester surgical abortion & womb cleaning service

If you need to have a abortion in the comfort of your home then order our abortion pills for a quick &

pain free abortion. We provide both medical abortions using abortions pills & surgical abortions

depending on the length of the pregnancy we are here to help you

accessible to every woman who needs it. We only use safe and tested drugs which are administered by

our registered medical professionals ensuring that your abortion is quick and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Abortion Clinic Germiston

You might have lots of questions which we are happy to answer when you call or visit the clinic. Here we

provide answers to the most frequently asked abortion-related questions.

The choice between Medical abortion pills or Surgical abortion

The decision to have an abortion or continue a pregnancy is not a simple or easy one and it’s important

to take the time to make the best choice between a medical or surgical abortion.

The gestation of the pregnancy may mean that only one abortion option is available. A medical abortion

is often preferred by women who do not want to undergo surgery, are allergic to anesthetic, or who

would prefer to experience an abortion in the privacy of their own home.

A surgical abortion is also sometimes preferred by women who do not want to be conscious for the

procedure and would prefer a quicker procedure with only one clinic visit.

The choice to use medical or surgical abortion is a very personal one. Both procedures have their own

advantages and disadvantages, but neither of the processes interferes with a woman’s ability to become pregnant in the future

Is having an abortion safe?

Having an abortion is safe, and very few women experience complications. Having an abortion poses fewer risks to a woman than going through pregnancy and birth.

Will having an abortion affect my ability to get pregnant in the future? – Abortion Clinic Germiston

Uncomplicated abortion poses virtually no risk to a woman’s future reproductive health, as shown by

numerous studies. There is no proven connection between abortion and future infertility, ectopic pregnancy or other pregnancy complications.

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